Covid Safety Measures

1) All students MUST have a signed release of liability waiver on file in order to participate. These can be signed electronically or on a hard copy. 

2) In accordance with state mandates, anyone ten (10) and older must wear a face mask while in the studio. It is highly encouraged but not required for those nine (9) and younger.

3)  Temperatures will be taken upon arrival. Our temperature threshold is 99.9°F.

4) Students should arrive READY to dance. This means on time, already in dance attire, and with a personal water bottle.

When possible, please encourage your dancer to use the restroom before arriving to help us avoid heavy traffic in that area of the studio.

5) For now, office hours will be virtual only (you can reach out 24/7 via text, call or email.)

6) If your dancer needs to be sized for dancewear, please make an appointment with us via email or text.

What else are we doing to keep your dancers safe?


-GermX is provided at the front and is in both dance rooms.

-ALL high-touch surfaces are disinfected throughout the day. Every day.

-Any mats or ballet barres used during class are wiped down immediately after class is over.

-We have a REME Halo in-duct air purifier installed. This combats various types of air pollutants. If you would like to learn more about the REME Halo, here is a link.

- Social disDANCING spots are taped on the floor to aid dancers in staying 6 feet apart.

- Weekly deep-clean and disinfection is done by a local cleaning company which sanitizes ALL high touch surfaces including the floors, mats, etc.


Although adding extra "rules" is never fun, I want our studio to be a fun, SAFE place for your dancers. We had a wonderful, smooth-running summer session, and I would like to continue that throughout our 20-21 Fall/Spring Season.