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Class Attire

Correct attire for each class is essential to get the best experience out of class. Proper attire ensures  the instructor can see the dancer’s lines; this is important for proper instruction. It also prevents clothing from restricting a dancer’s movement during class, which keeps them from performing their best. Most importantly, it encourages the optimal mindset for confidence, growth, and success. If a dancer comes into class with a confident mindset, they will perform to the best of their ability. We implement these dress codes to give your dancer the best dance education possible. 

* These links will take you directly to a dancewear site, FCDC receives no profit from purchases.*



Ages 2-5

Class attire for Combination classes include black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes. Dancers should wear a leotard and skin tone convertible tights. Some dancers also like to wear a ballet skirt or dance shorts over their leotard.

Ages 4-11

Tap, Ballet, Jazz

Class attire for a TBJ class includes black tap shoes, pink ballet shoes, tan jazz shoes, leotard, and convertible tan tights. We ask for these colors to ensure unity at our annual recital at the end of the dance season.


Ages 2+

Class attire for Hip-Hop classes include anything comfortable/loose fitting and BLACK tennis shoes that are ONLY used for class. This allows for the dancer to feel confident, let loose, and have fun! The same black tennis shoes will also be used for shows and performances.


Ages 5+

Class attire for Acro-Dance is anything tight fitting, including but not limited to leotards and biketards. This ensures the instructor can see the dancers lines and so no loose clothing is getting in the way of practicing skills. 


Ages 5+

Class attire for ballet classes include a navy leotard, pink  or skin tone colored tights, and pink or skin tone colored ballet shoes. This dress code ensures that the instructor can visualize a dancers lines and if they are engaging the correct muscles.


Ages 5+

Class attire for tap classes include comfortable and easy to move in clothes and black tap shoes. Here are links for the recreational tap shoes and the required brand for our Elite Company members.

Technique and All Other Classes 

Ages 5+

Class attire for technique classes consist of tight fitting and easy to move in clothing. This includes but is not limited to leggings, tights, leotards, and spandex shorts. This allows for unrestricted movement and for the instructor to assess the dancer's lines and ensure proper execution of the movement.

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