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Tuition & Fees


A one-time registration fee will be due at the time of registration. 


Fall/Spring (September- May) 

-$40 per dancer, $15 each additional dancer

Summer (June-August) 

-$20 per dancer, $15 each additional dancer 


Tuition is calculated on a yearly basis. (September-May) or Summer (June-August). Tuition is due by the 1st of each month, and payments can be made at the front counter by cash, check, credit card, or online by credit card.  Automatic draft can also be set up at customer’s request. A late fee of $25 will be charged for payments made after the 10th. If tuition becomes more than 2 months late, the student may ONLY come to class to observe. Participation may continue once the account balance is taken care of.


Contact us if you would like to pay the semester or year in full for a discount! (This is only available for fall/spring.)

*Note: Tuition is calculated on a yearly basis and is made in equal monthly installments. It does NOT vary with the number of weeks in a month. All studio holidays are already factored in. Studio holidays do not always align perfectly with school holidays. Please look at our "important dates" page for more information on studio holidays. 


There are a few fees that will be encountered throughout the dance season. 

-Costume Fee: Costume fee is due November 15th and is $60 per recital costume for all costumes OTHER than acro and hip-hop. Hip-hop costume fee is $68, and acro class recital biketard fee is $28. This is non-refundable and includes all costume pieces, taxes, and shipping. (Tights and shoes must be purchased separately.)

-Recital Fee:  Due by March 15th $65 per dancer or $105 per family (if more than one dancer is enrolled)

This fee covers: recital venue, two tickets, dress rehearsal, and a small gift/reward for your dancer. 

*Note: Recital costumes are final sale once orders have been placed. There will be no refunds due to switching or dropping classes if orders have already been placed. Recital costumes are ordered in early December. 

Tuition Rates

Hours per week- monthly tuition 

(Effective Summer 2023)

.5-.75 $59
1.00 $68
1.25 $79
1.50 $86
1.75 $98
2.00 $108
2.25 $116
2.50 $122
2.75 $132
3.00 $142
3.25 $148
3.50 $154
3.75 $162
4.00 $168
4.25 $176
4.50 $184
4.75 $192
5.00 $198
5.25 $204
5.50 $210
5.75 $218
6.00 $226
6.25 $232
6.50 $240
6.75 $248
7.00 $254
7.25 $262
7.50 $270
7.75 $276
8.00 $282

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