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These classes are perfect for dancers with little to no dance experience. Students 2-4 years old will learn the basics of tap, ballet, and tumbling while children 5 and older will learn the basics of tap, ballet, and jazz. Combo classes provide a fun, nurturing, and educational way to introduce your child to the fundamentals of tap, ballet, and jazz.

Mommy/Daddy & Me 

Ages: 18 Months-3yrs

45 minutes of creative movement, tumbling and ballet for 18months-3yrs with Mommy/Daddy helping in the classroom. It's a great way to get kids and parents out of the house and meeting new friends! The last 15 minutes of this class will be free time giving these little's a chance to explore/play. Class is suitable for boys and girls.


Ages: 2+

Dancers will learn fun, upbeat choreography to age appropriate pop and hip-hop music. They will also learn across-the-floor combos, activities, and games that encourage dancers to become comfortable in their movement style. As dancers progress, they will be introduced to new skills and styles of hip-hop as well.


Ages: 3+

Acro-dance is a class in which dancers will focus on gaining strength and flexibility. It takes elements of tumbling and contortion and applies them in ways that allow the skills to be incorporated into other styles of dance. Acro-dance classes will have an instructor (and assistant when needed) which allows each student to receive the attention then need to succeed. 

**First Class Dance Center does not provide medical insurance for its students.  FCDC is not liable for any injuries sustained at the studio.  If an injury occurs, parents or guardians are responsible for the financial coverage of medical expenses.



This is a style of dance that really focuses on building a dancer’s rhythm and ability to count music. Dancers will wear fitted shoes with metal taps on the heel and toe of each shoe and will learn steps that utilize these taps. Tap dance provides a fun, challenging way to further your dance education.



Ballet is the foundation of dance. This is a highly recommended class for all dancers because the technique learned during ballet training can be applied to all other styles of dance. Ballet is a physically demanding artform that continues to push dancers throughout their dance career. They will focus on enhancing their technique, control, and poise. 

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