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  • Drop Policy

    • Any dancer who wants to drop or unenroll from a class must notify FCDC  by email, text, or note turned in to the front desk. There are no refunds on any fees (registration, recital, etc.) for those who choose to drop mid-season. 

  • Sick Policy

    • Any dancer who is sick/contageous should stay home until they are better. They should be fever-free for at least 24 hours before returning to the studio. 

    • After being sick/contageous, a doctor's note releasring them for activity will be required  for us to keep on file. 

  • Classroom
    • We ask that parents stay in the lobby during classes and observe from the monitor as having parents in the room can be a huge distraction to students. We do have parent observation days for you to come in and watch! (See COVID safety measures for more info on waiting in the hallway, etc.)
    • No gum or food should be eaten during class as this can be a danger to dancers. 
    • We also ask that dance bags go into the room with our TBJ and combo classes because this makes for the easiest shoe transition.
    • Please pick up students on time, or let us know if you will be running late. We also ask that parents come all the way up to the door or come inside to pick up their student(s).
  • Dress Code
    • Dancers should be in appropriate attire for class to ensure the safety of all students. This includes wearing fitted clothing such as a leotard and tights or leggings for all combo, TBJ, acro, ballet, and technique classes. Cover-ups or looser-fitting clothes may be worn for tap and hip-hop classes. 

    • No loose jewelry is allowed as it can be distracting and dangerous, especially in acro classes. 

    • Dancers should wear their hair in a ponytail or bun.

    • Dance shoes should NOT be worn outside the studio because this can damage them and the dance floor.

  • Bad Weather/Staff Emergency

    • We have accounted for ONE bad weather and/or staff emergency day PER class PER semester in our pricing. This means if your dancer's class misses one day in the fall semester an/or one day in the spring, you may make-up for it by attending another similar class throughout the week. If we must cancel due to bad weather/emergency MORE than once per semester, we will schedule addition make-up days, and you are also welcome to make-up for it by taking another similar class held throughout the week.

  • Drop-off & Pick-up

    • Please do not drop off your student more than 15 minutes before their class start time. You may always come as early as needed if you will be staying to supervise your dancer before class. Please pick up students on time or let us know if you will be running late.

  • Studio Lobby

    • Dancers and siblings should not be left unattended in our lobby areas. We want to ensure everyone stays safe and injury free at the studio. Please do not allow your kids to run in the hallway or stand by the front doors/desk unattended.


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